Getting Started

How to use the site

Please note the following ad fee structure when submitting or renewing ads:

Personal ads for 90 days FREE!
Commercial ads for 30 days $10
“Featured ad” option on homepage $10



  1. First, you must create an account in order to place an ad. Click on Register at the top right of your screen to begin the registration process
  2. After you have created your account you will automatically be taken to the ad placement submission page (Post an ad)
  3. Select the main category of the ad you would like to place
  4. Select the sub category of the ad you would like to place
  5. Click Next
  6. Fill in all the details for your ad. Note that fields with an * are required fields. The more information you supply the better your chances of selling since all of this data is searchable by website visitors. Putting your email address into the add is not a good idea because automated web robots can read them and you might be put on a spam list. Our contact the owner system is in place to handle any inquiries so please use this system instead.
    In the price field, there is no need to enter a $ sign, our system will do that for you. If you enter one you’ll get a double $ sign which doesn’t look too good.
  7. Fill in tags (comma separated) with keywords relevant to your ad (i.e.: rotax, fixed wing, aula, bula, etc…) that users can use to search for your ad.
  8. You may upload up to 8 images for your ad. Please note they must not be any larger than 2MB (Megabytes) each. If your images are too big our system will not upload them. When in doubt, check your image sizes prior to uploading and if required reduce the size of them physically with an image editor on your computer. Try and not upload small images since details are lost with those type.  Ads work better if you attach an image!
  9. OPTIONAL: You may opt in for a featured ad at a modest flat fee of $10. This will place your ad on the front page in the featured ads section thus getting your ad more exposure.
  10. Once your ad has been submitted, we will review it for any errors and post it to the site within 2 business days or less (usually within the hour)



  1. Log into your account here.
  2. In your account dashboard select the ad you would like to edit by clicking the small  pencil icon.
  3. Perform your edits and/or upload any extra pictures and click Update Ad.
  4. You may “de-list” your ad by clicking the small  pause icon. This will de-list your ad from the system but not delete it.
  5. If you have sold your ad click “mark as sold” and our system will flag your ad with a large prominent “sold” ribbon.
  6. At the end of your ad listing (90 days) you will receive an email with a link allowing you to easily re-list your ad for another 90 days. Re-listing is free unless you opted in for the Featured Ad fee which you will have to pay for again.
  7. You can “re-list” or “renew” any expired ads by clicking on the Relist Ad link beside any expired ads. Your add will again be relisted for 90 days. DO NOT repost expired ads as it confuses visitors who do searches and see duplicates. You must “re-list” any expired ads at which time you can make any edits you like to the ad before it appears in our system again.
  8. If you wish to permanently delete your ad just click on the  red X beside your ad.



  1. You may edit your personal information by logging into your account or clicking “My Dashboard” in the upper right of the screen (you need to be logged into your account first)
  2. Fill in the details you would like to publish along with your ad
  3. You may also change your account password from this page



You may privately reply to any ad by selecting the ad then clicking “Contact” in the sidebar on the right. Fill in your information and an email will be dispatched to the ad owner. You may also ask public questions about the ad by using the Leave A Reply section at the bottom of the ad. Please note that all questions here can be seen by anyone on the internet.